Hi, I'm Andi Leibowitz.

I'm a Digital Designer, currently working at The Foundry @ Meredith Corp.


The Hilton Effect

2018 | Hilton | Website

The Possibilities of a HELOC

2018 | Citizen's Bank | Website

One Nation, Under Data

2018 | Siemens | Website

Beyond Well

2018 | Personal Project | Branding | Product Design

Arc of Agility

2018 | Accenture | Website

Empathy Suits

2018 | Ford | Website | Social Media

The Noun Collective

2017 | Tyler School of Art | Website | Print | Branding | Product Design

Here's some more information about me:

I'm from the Jersey Shoreoceangrove-1.

No, it's not like the TV show (most of the time).

I have a collection of Kodak Brownie Cameras.

I am a dog lover (but I also have an appreciation for cats).

Interested in my past? Check out my resume.

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You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and Dribbble.

Still need to know more? Want to work with me?
Shoot me an email at andileibowitz@gmail.com.